Intercessory Prayer…and diapers

I learned something about intercessory prayer last weekend. Since having children, life has been filled with a lot of loneliness. I mean, I have the kids to talk to, but when you have 2 under 2 there’s not much meaningful conversation going on. I get depressed sometimes thinking that my life has boiled down to a seemingly endless routine of laundry, dishes, meals, and diapers. But that’s when it hit me recently that my life is so much more than that!  I mean, I am raising two little souls.  But my daily tasks can now be offered up as intercessory prayer! They can make a difference to anyone who I want to pray for!  It’s really that easy but I always forget about it.

A friend told me about a friend of hers who had spent some time in the convent before ultimately getting married and having kids. She shared that motherhood actually has a lot in common with religious life. We both don’t get out much, but we both have the opportunity for intercessory prayer. To pray for family members, priests, missionaries, unborn babies, and all the other prayer requests we can think of.  It makes me think of St. Therese of Lisieux who is the patroness of missionaries even though she never left the convent. But yet she has transformed thousands of lives with her little way. And if every mom in the world were praying every day for all these intentions as they offer their daily annoyances up, I think the world would be a totally different place. So join me in changing the world one diaper at a time! Through intercessory prayer.

 Update: I was able to put this into practice this week when my two year old was throwing his guts up and I was up all night and doing loads of laundry during the day. BOOM! Take that Satan – I offered it up for the newly ordained priests. 

Update on the update: I made a little calendar of categories of intentions to offer up every day. Hope it works!

2 thoughts on “Intercessory Prayer…and diapers

  1. I’ve often thought this. Thank you for saying it! I immediately posted it. Hope it gets lots of reposts! God Bless!

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