The Bathroom Sink…and Confession

I’m about to tell you a true story. When I was in 5th grade, I had to do chores. And I always picked cleaning the bathroom over vacuuming (I hate loud noises – and now I have two loud kids and a husband who works with power tools for a living – so joke’s on me).  But that’s not all.  I loved cleaning the sinks because I would imagine I was re-enacting the Great Flood.  The sink in all its grossness was the world full of sin. When I sprayed the cleaner it was God sending the rain to the earth. Then I would take the sponge and get into all the corners and crevices and make it all clean (only it didn’t take me 40 days and nights, maybe 40 seconds). Then I would take the paper towel and dry up the countertop, just like God dried up the earth, and then it was undefiled once again.

I really did that when I was 10. And I was thinking about it today when I was cleaning the bathroom. So next time you clean the sink, while you are cleaning, do an examination of conscience to see where your heart needs to be cleaned, and make a plan to go to confession if its been a while.


One thought on “The Bathroom Sink…and Confession

  1. I have another cleaning related analogy for you. Only this one involves cleaning ourselves. The next time you take a shower, imagine the sin and all the other nasty stuff we’ve accumulated, (stress, doubt, worry, etc.),going down the drain. That’s similar to what happens when we go to confession. The priest gives us absolution, and all our sin goes down the drain, never to be seen again!

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