Poopy Diapers…and Advent: a quick reflection

Note: I was tempted to use a picture of a poopy diaper as my visual, but I will refrain for all of our sakes…we see enough of ’em as it is.

ImageWe were visiting family a little bit ago and Timothy was playing so happily with his cousins that a few hours went by before realizing he had a poopy diaper. When I went to change him, the poop had hardened around his bum, making it difficult to scrape off and leaving a red sore. He screamed and cried that it hurt, and I told him that’s what happens when you sit in a poopy diaper for too long. I told him even though it hurt I had to clean it off so he could feel better and so his butt could heal.

And as I’m saying this to him, I’m realizing that this is like sin and vice in my own life. I get comfortable sitting in my own c.r.a.p., justifying that I’m just an angry person who yells a lot, or that I can be selfish in my marriage because I already give a lot to my kids.  It hurts to peel off this layer of garbage from our lives that we have grown so used to. But without the hurt that comes with separating ourselves from the poop, we won’t be able to put on the Desitin of healing. Too descriptive? Probably, but it worked for me.

And I’ve been thinking about that analogy a lot these last few days as Advent begins. What a perfect time to clean ourselves off to prepare to receive the King of Kings into our heart at Christmas.  And then I start thinking that maybe it’s time to potty train Timothy…

Happy Advent, and here’s to less poopy diapers!


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