5 Favorites – Baby Edition

I’ve never done 5 Favorites before, or this whole linking up thing so here goes nothing. I probably can’t have a baby edition if I’ve never had any edition, but since I’m encompassed in all things baby, here are my 5 favorite baby things I could not live without!

1. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier.

beco beco_gemini_headrestup
I’ve had all the carriers – moby, bjorn, infantino, even the ergo. But my oldest two kids were never interested in facing inwards, only outwards, and the ergo doesn’t allow for that. Neither can it be used for a newborn without an insert. This Gemini does it all – forwards, backwards, wear it in the front or back. I used it until Lily was older than 1, and I’ve already used it a lot with my newborn. It is comfortable and I LOVE IT!
I got it from this website, Global Enfant, that sells gently used ones in their outlet section. I don’t think I paid for shipping and it came in two days. I paid $75 and sold all my other carriers and I haven’t looked back.


2. This Fisher-Price swing.

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle 'n Swing_13039765_01

All my kids have slept more in it than in their cradle. It saved my sanity when I couldn’t get the kids to calm down any other way. I went through way too many D-batteries at times but it was so worth it. In fact, Luke is sleeping in it now. Love. this. swing.


3. Bouncy seat.


Can you tell I have fussy babies? Truthfully, Lily slept in this her first two months because it was the only way to get her to sleep. We would bounce her in it for hours until she calmed down and stopped screaming. So far Luke has enjoyed the scenery sitting in it a few times. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying this, but I think he will be our calmest baby.


4.  Nursing Cover




My dear friend Lauren who blogs at Living Little got this for me when I was pregnant with my first. I love the cute design (oh all those ruffles!) and the functionality of it. There’s a lot of buzz these days over nursing in public, and my personal opinion is that the nursing cover solves it all. You can still nurse in public without worrying about offending anyone and preserve your sense of modesty. Plus, it keeps the baby focused on nursing and not get distracted and you can easily look down and see what’s going on!   I know breastfeeding is natural, but not everything that’s natural is meant to be done in public, right?.  So for me, I cover. I don’t know the right answer for everyone, but I was thinking the other day, what would Mary do if she was nursing Jesus as a little baby in this day and age? Would she wear a nursing cover in public or not? There are some great classic pieces of art depicting Mary nursing. But on the other hand that was centuries ago and I think our culture is different today.  I don’t have the answer to the question for you, but it’s something each mother can think about.

5. My family

I guess I could write about diaper bags and wipes and what not, but how can I forget my family! My husband is the greatest. He’s really helpful with the older kids, and he’ll bathe and burp and swaddle the baby when I don’t do the best job at those things. Plus the kids are (sometimes) helpful. They like to fight over who gets to throw the baby’s diaper away. My mom flew out for a week after the baby was born, and my inlaws have watched the kids or brought meals or all kinds of wonderful things and I could not live without all their help. It takes a village, right?

Hope this whole linking up thing at Mama Knows, Honeychild works!


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