Starting a Social Media Revolution

My Facebook feed is filled with people doing the ice bucket challenge. Or failing the ice bucket challenge, as it may be. ALS (as long as it isn’t funding embryonic stem cell research), or the JPII Medical Institute, are worthwhile causes. There are a million charities worth donating to, but right now there is one really needing our help. While we in the United States are pouring buckets on our heads, Christians in Iraq are losing their heads. Literally, being beheaded.IraqiDemonstratorsFeb2010

The news is silent. The government is silent. I checked my local news app today and there was not a single story in the first 30 on the main page about the Middle East. I’ve only had a handful of Facebook friends post articles on this atrocity.  This article in the Catholic Register sums up my thoughts entirely. Stop and read this article before continuing.

More than a million Christians have been displaced and are fleeing for their lives. They’ve been handed a death sentence just for being Christian. At least hundreds, if not more, have been brutally murdered – including women and children. And the IS (formerly ISIS) is growing.

Let’s be honest – if this were Jews, or Blacks, there would at least be an uproar in the United States. People would be upset. But it’s Christians, and the Middle East is messy and complicated and we are so far away, so people aren’t even talking about it. We can go about our day and not think about it because it “doest affect us”, but we need to at least be talking about it. To be raising awareness. And to be doing what we can to help.

Catholic Relief Services has partnered with Caritas Iraq to help the millions of Christians in Iraq who need help. They are not safe. They need the basic necessities.  I want to start a social media revolution like ALS has and reach out to our brothers and sisters in this terrible atrocity.

Here is the link to donate to Catholic Relief Services. (you can put your special request for Iraqi Christians in the bottom line.)

Donate today. Like with ALS – $5 or $10 can turn into millions.forchristiansiraq-e1406679964240

I am not tech savvy, I don’t know much about social media, but someone please start a social media revolution so we can raise money for these Christians fighting for their lives. Or if there already is an initiative, please let me know about it. I want to see it popping up all over my newsfeed. People have changed their profile picture in support of Iraqi Christians, but let’s get real. Let’s donate.  Let’s pray, let’s help out in any way we can. Let’s show the media that we care. Let’s show Iraqi Christians that we care.


UPDATE: posted to my About Page From Pauline- “I saw your article on Iraq. I am Assyrian from Iraq. You can follow all the news about christian and other minorities of Iraq and Middle East on”


Also see: Timeline of How Christians were Eliminated in Mosul 


“Who Will Stand Up For Christians?” By the leader of the World Jewish Congress

2 thoughts on “Starting a Social Media Revolution

  1. Allison,
    I am so moved by your words. I too have felt a tremendous ache for these people. I am working on a post for my blog about ways we can actually start caring, and helping. Please let me know if you come to anything–I would be more than happy to help. This is so important. Thank you for realizing that and doing something about it. Let’s keep praying The Lord will show us the way, and multiply our small efforts for his glory and rescue of these people.

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