Anything But Ordinary

I just saw that it’s been 3 months since my last post. And I’ll tell you why. The other week I had a thought while preparing dinner. Quesadilla begins with Q!!!! And I couldn’t believe that I’ve never seen a “q is for quesadilla” in any Alphabet book I have read to my children.

I have strict standards for what I post on here. And unless it’s thoughtful and carefully constructed, it doesn’t get posted. So that’s why there have been no posts. Plus I’ve been pounding away at mounds of to-do lists. And although I should be sorting the recycling to take later this afternoon, all 3 kids are sleeping so I’ll take a moment to sip some warmed-up coffee and write.

Write about what? Christmas. Getting ready for Christmas was so fun this year! Our newly remodeled room accommodated for a 10 foot tree. It was fun to decorate our new house for Christmas for the first time, and we even made a whole night out of hot chocolate and getting our tree at Tree Town. Prayer time around the advent wreath was one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas. The story of Jesus’ birth plus blowing out candles easily lends itself to catechesis for the little ones. And when Advent was over we made a Christmas wreath with red and white candles (3 for the trinity!) and they blew that one out, too. Our simple advent prayer was, “Come, Jesus, Come!”

She only singed her hair twice this year.

She only singed her hair twice this year.

So come, Jesus, come. While it wasn’t in my top 5 of best advents in terms of personal prayer and preparation, Jesus still came. He was born into the world and into our hearts. And now today I have been taking down Christmas decorations, since the Christmas season ends this weekend. And it’s weird, because the house now looks plain. Ordinary, if you will, which I guess is appropriate since we are entering the liturgical season of Ordinary Time. But it seems too empty, like something is missing without the bells and lights and decorations.


Jesus came. And so, our lives can now be anything but ordinary. And they should be anything but empty because Jesus is here! His incarnation sanctified humanity and the world. It sanctified the family, as his chosen means to come to earth and bring salvation. My ordinary family cannot be so plain anymore. It must be filled with the spirit and with life. But without my wreath and candles and decoration, I’m just not sure how to do that now.

The liturgical color for Ordinary Time is green. “Green is for the growing time,” my 3 year old informed me, having learned that in his Catechesis of the Good Shepherd classes. Jesus came as a baby. And maybe Jesus is still a baby in my heart, and it’s time to grow some roots this season. My youngest baby Luke, has grown up incredibly in these last 6 months (as he is now babbling and rolling and sitting up and eating solids!). So how is Jesus going to grow in my heart and in my household this year, especially during this new season of “ordinary”? That is the question I will keep reflecting on as I go sort my recycling…

Goodbye Christmas tree

Goodbye Christmas tree


3 thoughts on “Anything But Ordinary

      • I would buy a construction ABC book. Josh would want to read it every night cuz it has construction tractors & i wouldnt mind reading it every night because it would teach hom the alphabet (a skill he really needs to work on). You should do a whole series of ABC books: construction, food, …

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